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April 20, 2015

photo 1-1I take so much for granted every day and I forget way to often how quickly life can change. I have been reminded of this every morning this week, when I stop at “Spuds”, for my morning “fix” and look next door to see the devastation that both, the Byrne’s family and our landlord, Bruce Terwiske have experienced with their home burning down to the ground last week. I can’t imagine the emotions that come with losing your “home”, which is your safe haven.  That is why Bean to Sprout wants to do whatever it can to help the Byrne’s family, get back many of the things that get taken for granted every day.


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This last week we have had many donations from many families and businesses in our community. Clothing and furniture have been donated and we thank you, but after talking with the family and visiting with the fire department we have been told that the family is in need of bedding, towels, kitchen appliance and pantry/can goods. If you can help with any of these items we would appreciate it very much. Items can be dropped off at Bean to Sprout or taken to the Ireland Fire Department. It is wonderful how much we are all pulling together. I am very grateful to be part of such a generous and loving community and I can tell you I will never take that for 3-1


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