About Us!

AboutGiving birth and becoming a mom was one of the most challenging, as well as, most rewarding experiences of my life. Honestly,  the first six months of becoming a mom, were beyond hard. I experienced a degree of postpartum. I was living in California, away from my family and girlfriends and I truly didn’t know what the hell I was doing. Looking back I realize those were my growing days and in time I worked my way through postpartum and really embraced being my little mans mom.

During his first years I was amazed at how little resources were available to moms and how expensive it can be to have a child.  I had questions and concerns but nobody ever really talked about the “real” stuff.  I wanted to change that I wanted to help all moms and children get the opportunities and support they needed, regardless of their economic status plus I really wanted to help support a community. Living out in San Francisco, community wasn’t a big thing. I wanted to offer an outlet to help support the community and to encourage moms, who had amazing talent, that they shared in their “free” time, to be able to make a  little income, as well as allowing the community to help support them!

I am a born and raised Michigan girl, moved out to San Francisco when I graduated from Ferris State University. I met my husband Scott, we got married and had our little man three years later. One of the many things that changed for me after becoming a mom, was that I wanted to get back to the mid west. Thankfully, my husband agreed and we moved before JJ started Kindergarten.  This was my time. I had the amazing support of my husband to make my dream come true.

*I wanted a space that every child could have that special outfit, toy, book or class, regardless of their parents economic status.

*I wanted a space for moms to come and catch that much needed breath through out the day or get the resources and support they need without any judgment.

*I wanted to support the community, which is so full of talented parents and grandparents, who can sell their creations and make a little profit doing something that normally is their passion or therapy after a day of wearing many hats.

Bean to Sprout has been my dream and I work with the most amazing women.  I love meeting and talking to every person who walks through our doors. We want Bean to Sprout to be an experience for EVERYONE, not just another store.

Being JJ’s mom is my absolute favorite job and I want every parent to feel that same way, plus I want every child growing up, to have a childhood filled with love, confidence and support regardless of economics . We want to help EVERY bean sprout.